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interact v : act together or towards others or with others; "He should interact more with his colleagues"

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  1. A short act or piece between others, as in a play; an interlude; hence, intermediate employment or time.



  1. To act upon each other; as, two agents mutually interact.


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Interact Intranet is a web application offering a suite of tools which provide an organization with Intranet, Extranet, Document Management and Workflow capabilities.
Interact is installed on a Microsoft Windows Server (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server database platform, allowing it to cater for many thousands of concurrent users.
Although primarily developed for use by private sector organisations, Interact has become particularly well established in the UK Social housing/Housing Association sector.


Interact’s architecture is that of a core application, with a number of modules that are purchased separately and activated either at the inception/installation of the software, or at any point after that. The additional modules require the core software to provide basic functionality and cannot be installed as standalone tools.
The core functionality consists of:
  • Decentralised content management and file management
  • User and group based security
  • Departmentalised directory of staff, with contact details and portrait photographs
  • Image repository
Additional applications include:
  • Document management and version control
  • Logging and approval of expense claims
  • Electronic forms to replace paper based processes
  • Processing and reporting on employee holidays and sickness
  • Scheduling and assessment of training courses

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